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Merav Perez design education
Merav Perez design education


Zebra Project – Industrial Design Department, Shenkar 2010-2014


Zebra Project is an experimental academic framework that acts as a meeting point for performing artists and 3rd year design students.


The emphasis in the "Zebra" workshops is on gaining first-hand experience through the body. The students are being exposed to a variety of stage and performance practices: object theatre, puppetry, pantomime and neutral masks for actors training, site-specific performance, visual theater, "Gaga" choreography.


This unique academic framework was initiated as a reaction to a phase of deep changes that the field of product design is going through, among them the gradual shift from designing static objects to choreographing actions and experinces, and the shift in interest from the end product to the whole process of creation.


The new framework seeks to challenge design education in the 21st century and it was designed to achieve two main goals: the immediate one is to create "a routine" of breaking routine activities that will influence the dynamics of the design process.


In the long run, the project asks to establish an internal lab, a space where we can test our assumptions and former understandings of objects, bodies, and the places where our bodies are meeting with objects.

Link to the project blog (in Hebrew):

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