"The moral, it seems, doesn’t come with a smile, like an uncle with pieces of candy."

Aharon Shabtai. J'Accuse. Translation: Peter Cole. New Directions Books, NY: 2003. P. 10


The performance took part during the opening event of an homage exhibition celebrating the work of Yarom Vardimon, a senior graphic designer on his 75th birthday. Thirty designers were invited by the curators to present contemporary interpretations of his early work.

I was invited by the curators to respond to a poster titled "Poland":  an invitation to an exhibition of theater posters made by Polish graphic designers. The title of the original poster “Poland” was handwritten in ink, corresponding with the influential tradition of the Polish school of poster design, characterized by manual and expressive tools that leave clear traces of the creative process itself. My interpretation, wishes to place itself on this continuum and to offer a different interpretation of the manual-expressive tradition in typography.

Instead of paper, I used raw fabric in the conventional dimensions of an A1 poster. The outline of the opening sentence of Aharon Shabtai’s poem “The moral, it seems, doesn’t come with a smile,” was silk screened on muslin. At the opening event, the visitors were invited to join the performers in a collective effort to complete the poster within the limited time frame of the event.


The performance took place at the opening night of the exhibition "Faithful to the original: An homage to Prof. Yarom Vardimon"

Curators: Yuval Sa’ar and Itzik Rennert

December 12, 2017

Shenkar, Lorber Gallery, Ramat Gan, Israel

Photo: Nofar Hatuka
Photo: Nofar Hatuka