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Merav Perez typography

Capturing and processing vocal data on Grasshopper, a visual programming language that runs within the Rhinoceros 3D CAD application.

Merav Perez typography
Merav Perez typography


Design research phase 1

Joint project with Arch. Ayelet Karmon and Arch. Tom Shaked

The project was presented at "Spacing Performance" 2nd International Performance Design Symposium, Danish Institute in Rome, Italy: 7th-13th January 2014. Presentation: Slam [Ty]poetry with Arch. Ayelet Karmon, on the panel: Spatial Atmospheres, led by Arch. Stephen Loo.

An on-going research explores the possible interconnections between Performance Poetry practices and typography by using digital design tools.


By recording and filtering different vocal interpretations of texts, as an input, we are exploring the use of parametric design tools to present typographic layouts that are an interpretive output to these recordings. The vocal interpretation of the texts is reflected in variables of the typographic texture - font selection and characteristics, font size, spacing, leading, overlay, density etc.

Our motivation is to design new ways to resonate the performative utterance of action poetry practices. Since the very nature of performance poetry practices is temporal, ephemeral, and spatial, we are looking for new typographic design tools that will enable the performers to leave a trace that captures the uniqueness and transiency of their practice.


By recording and filtering specific vocal input we can introduce different typographic layouts as speculative outputs extending the exploration further to include three-dimensional, material and spatial interventions.

Merav Perez typography

Models of the word "so", printed in a 3D plaster printer

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